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Things To Know About Removing Snow and Salting In Webster, NY

Know about removing snow

Whether it's a home's driveway or a commercial parking lot in Webster, NY, ice buildup can create a significant problem for residents and businesses. Salting the sidewalks and de-icing the parking lots and driveways is a part of life during the wintertime in upstate New York.

Living in such a beautiful winter wonderland also means getting out there in the cold to take care of the shoveling, blowing, plowing and salting in order to prevent accidents on the roadways and walkways. Fortunately, anyone can get help with professional snow removal and salting if they call a Webster snow plowing company like us at ProPlows.

Not everyone has the physical capability to shovel snow. Some people just don't want to do the backbreaking work themselves. Some just don't have the proper equipment to keep up with it regularly enough. Whether you plan to DIY or get help this coming winter in Webster, check out the following tips about removing snow and salting.

Salting Both Before and After

In addition to clearing the snow off of driveways and parking lots, it also needs to be shoveled off the sidewalks and away from fire hydrants, mailboxes, and trash bins. Salting is an effective way to prevent and remove those hard, slippery layers of ice. Remember, if the buildup is only four inches or so, you can effectively melt both the snow and any ice that has formed. Calcium can also be used as a prevention and de-icing tool during our winter climate.

Keep in mind that salting can melt snow and ice if it hasn't built up too thick. It helps to keep the ice from adhering to the surface and melts it much faster. Plus, it's a much easier way to deal with it than shoveling or plowing afterward. Product manufacturers recommend to do the salting before, during, and after winter storms.

Removing Snow and Salting

After 2 to 4 inches have accumulated, it's good to remove the snow down to the surface of sidewalks and driveways within about 18 hours. Definitely get it done within 24 hours. Sometimes it may take multiple sessions of shoveling and salting if very thick layers of ice have built up on the surface.

Removing it regularly is important during our Webster winters because we experience such regular snowfall. Very thick layers of ice can build up quickly if the salting wasn't done to prevent it. This is why so many Webster residents and businesses hire professionals to handle the salting to keep their property safe and accessible.


If you need snow removal and salting in Webster, NY, call us today at 585-900-SNOW or contact us online to schedule your free quote.