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Questions To Ask An East Rochester Commercial Snow Plowing Contractor

Questions commercial snow plowing contractor

As a business who will soon be affected by intense winter weather, it's important to know what to ask a potential East Rochester commercial snow plowing contractor before making a decision to hire them. Being prepared as much as possible for the snow and ice will help you to get through the unpredictable times when it's so cold your business could be affected by the weather.

Commercial snow plowing and ice control are two main concerns you'll have for your parking lots, walkways, sidewalks, entry ways, and other areas. Any loading docks, trash bin areas, and parts of the landscaping may need attention too.

As a business, you're well aware of how important safety is on your property. To help you get reliable service from your commercial snow plowing contractor, read the following tips from ProPlows.

Are you a licensed, insured, and certified snow plowing contractor?

All East Rochester commercial snow plowing contractors should be licensed, insured, and certified. While it may be tempting to find someone who may claim they are and go on about your day without verifying their information, it's never a good idea. Why risk the chance that this oversight could cause disastrous problems for your business?

You can ask for copies of their licensing, insurance, and certification documents. They should have no problem or attitude about providing it to you.

Can you give me references from other East Rochester businesses who have used your snow plowing services?

Don't be shy about asking for references from other East Rochester businesses who have hired the commercial snow plowing contractor in the past. Be sure to follow up by calling at least two or three references on their list. Ask them about reliability, how long the contractor kept working for them, and if there was anything the past customer didn't like that needs improvement.

Find out how the commercial snow plowing contractor would handle the job and when

Every business has different needs, so it's important to get details about how your specific property will be handled during the snow plowing. Ask everything you can think of during your on-site consultation and estimate. Be sure to get the details on the contract before you sign it.

  • Will certain areas need to be blown or snow shoveled rather than plowed?
  • At what point will they show up after snow begins to fall to get the parking lot plowed?
  • What is their plan for salting and de-icing the sidewalks?
  • Exactly what will be included with service? How frequent will it be done?

How do they plan to handle snow plowing around obstacles

The last thing you want is for the commercial snow plowing contractor to drive right over a cable box or hit the gas meter area with a snow blower or shovel. The contractor needs to know about any obstacles that may or may not be visible during the consultation. They will need to clearly mark these areas while they're marking off the boundaries of your parking lot and other areas.

The snow plowing will usually be done by someone else, so it's important to point these obstacles out now.


If you're looking for a commercial snow plowing contractor in the East Rochester area, call us today at 585-900-SNOW or contact us online to schedule your free quote.