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How To Handle Snow Removal For East Rochester Homeowners New To Our Winters

Handle snow removal

If you're new to the East Rochester, MI, area and haven't lived through a winter season like ours before, be prepared for a constant battle of managing the snow and ice. Knowing how to deal with residential snow removal is something everyone in East Rochester should know so that we can maintain safe access to our residential and commercial properties.

Heavy snowstorms can quickly block access to a property, and ice makes the roads, sidewalks, driveways, and parking lots extremely slippery. Having some way to stay on top of it is a necessity, so many people use a snow removal service to handle the battle while others decide to keep up with it themselves. It can get tedious, and it can turn into an emergency situation if your vehicle gets blocked in or you get stuck somewhere.

As a snow plowing company in East Rochester, ProPlows offers advice and tips on residential snow removal and other topics. We wanted to share a few pro tips with our customers and other locals who may be new to dealing with all this snow and ice.

Know Who To Call For Emergency Snow Removal Services

Whether you call us or someone else, be sure to keep the phone number of an East Rochester residential snow removal company who can provide you with emergency service. It's not uncommon for one of our customers to need us to dig out their vehicle so they can get back home or get to work.

Be sure that they have the equipment to handle the service you may need in any given situation for the job. For instance, snow shoveling a small area like behind your vehicle if the road plow blocked you in, or plowing and salting your farm and ranch road after an unexpected winter storm.

Snow Removal Starts in East Rochester

When snow starts to fall here in East Rochester, the snow removal process usually starts within 18 hours after 2 - 4 inches have accumulated, definitely within 24 hours. It can take quite a bit of effort and may take multiple sessions when a heavy storm dumps more than 6 inches on us.

If you have a residential snow removal plan in place, you'll want to work with your snow removal company to figure out at what point during the snowfall they plan to provide service and how often.

Salting is important. It can be used to pre-treat and post-treat the sidewalks. It's always more difficult later if the snow and ice aren't dealt with regularly.

Snow Shoveling & Salting The Sidewalks

Another important tip we'd like to give you is about residential snow removal involves snow shoveling, blowing, or plowing the sidewalks, your driveway, and other areas of your property. You can't just shovel or blow the snow into the streets. Ordinances prohibit removing snow and ice from private property or structures and putting it on roadways, sidewalks, against a fire hydrant, public transportation area, etc. You also can't authorize or permit someone else to do that for you.


If you need residential snow removal services in the East Rochester Area, call us today at 585-900-SNOW or contact us online to schedule your free quote.