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Snow Plowing Products To Mark Your Driveways And Curbs For Snow Removal

Being able to clearly mark the boundaries of areas where our customers need commercial or residential snow removal is important to prevent property damage. For this reason, ProPlows chooses the highest quality snow plowing products to mark the boundaries of your driveway and any area where an obstruction may lie on your Rochester area property.

Our Rochester snow plowing contractors are equipped with the right snow plowing products to create these important boundary lines around driveways and parking lots. Please be sure you advise us of any obstacles or obstructions which need to be marked on your property so that we can safely handle the job.

The snow plowing products we equip our contractors with come in several forms as mentioned below. If you have any questions about our snow plowing products or service, don't hesitate to contact us. Our friendly staff will be glad to help.

Poly Markers

Poly Markers, otherwise known as plastic snow stakes, are very suitable for residential snow plowing and snow removal to define and complete snow plowing, blowing, or snow shoveling jobs throughout the winter season in Rochester. Not as many markers will be used to define the boundaries of a residential snow removal job, but they still need to be strong and durable. We will use our high-quality Poly Markers in either 28" or 32," depending on the height of the snow.

Commercial snow plowing will require the use of more Poly Markers. The states are highly durable and flexible, made to bend and return to the original position in case of impact. The stake is bright orange in color to provide our commercial snow plowing contractors with a highly visible boundary line. They are a much better option than wood stakes in many ways.

Fiberglass Markers

Our contractor installs the markers to define your driveway area and any obstruction such as your mailbox or flower bed borders. Please let us know about all areas you have a concern with and any obstacles we may need to watch for so that we can mark off the area with our fiberglass markers.

Fiberglass Markers are perfectly designed for commercial snow plowing use as well as to mark home driveways. They're highly reflective from all angles and very durable, which is important for the plow driver to see and navigate around during heavy snowfall. Our Fiberglass Markers are durable enough to be used for more than one winter season.

Calcium By The Bag

We use and support our snow plowing contractors with products for de-icing with calcium by the bag. It's often used mixed with salt when temperatures drop below 25 degrees Fahrenheit. We use calcium by the bag as a brine to spray on the road before snow begins to fall because it helps to prevent the bonding of ice and snow to the pavement.

Calcium chloride is also used after snow plowing. It is able to melt the ice layer much quicker because of its natural hygroscopic properties which affect how easily it attracts moisture from the surroundings. When our commercial snow plowing contractors spread the mixture, we're making full use of the freezing point of the calcium chloride formula.

Installation Tools

Installing the snow plowing products mentioned above will take a few specialized installation tools. We use and support our contractors with a steel installation tool to install the Fiberglass Markers and Poly Markers. The tool comes in red and black, and is used to create a hole. It's made of heavy duty durable steel and makes the process of marking your driveway quicker and easier.

This can be an important tool when handling a larger commercial snow plowing job. Marking off a parking lot will take many stakes and they need to be inserted firmly so that the markers stay in place. The heavy duty durable steel installation tool is 35" tall and has sharp pointed tips with a foot step for installation. We also supply white non-corroding reflective tape and a 12" drill bit which work great for installing the Poly Stakes.


If you would like more information about our snow plowing products in the East Rochester Area, call us today at 585-900-SNOW or contact us online to schedule your free quote.