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Frequently Asked Questions About Snow Plowing and Snow Removal

Q. I have a vacation home in Rochester, can you come clear my driveway on an on-call basis?

Yes, we can offer you snow removal service on an on-call basis. However, a seasonal contract will help you to save and will be done automatically throughout the season. Please contact us for more details or to set up a one-time service.

Q. When's the best time to shovel snow off my driveway?

If you're shoveling your own driveway, it can be a lot of work to do and then find out the city has plowed a good amount back up into your driveway as it passes over the street. For this reason, it's best to do the snow shoveling after the plows have finished clearing the roads. Keep in mind, they may visit the area more than once during times of heavy snowfall or storms.

Q. Why does the city always plow snow into pile behind my car instead of at the end of the street?

It is frustrating to find that your vehicle has been plowed in by the road plowing crew. It's not a policy in place to regularly do this, but they may be little choice but to completely plow in a parking space.

It may have to do with the fact that snow cannot be pushed into oncoming traffic, needing to plow a circular roadway, which would be a safety concern to pile it in the middle, or when there's an accumulation of over 5". If you ever need help with snow shoveling, for your parking space or driveway, just give our snow plowing experts a call.

Q. How can I get rid of large piles of snow?

You can call our Rochester snow plowing company to set up a snow removal and loading service. Upon request, we will remove, load, and haul away the snow for you.

Q. Do you offer discounts if I need more than one service on a regular basis?

Yes, we can help you to develop a program of regular service which can be tailored to meet your needs. For instance, our residential service package may include roof raking, sidewalk shoveling, and driveway clearing. Just let us know you're interested in saving with our service packages so that we can provide the custom solution you need!


If you need ongoing snow plowing in the East Rochester Area, call us today at 585-900-SNOW or contact us online to schedule your free quote.